Q&A: Philosophy

David H. Bailey
Updated 25 March 2020 (c) 2020

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This section lists numerous questions in the area of theology, philosophy and related topics, and then presents answers based on best available scholarship. This material was assembled by the editor, except where otherwise indicated. Each page linked to below includes detailed references.

  1. What are the merits of the new atheist literature? Atheists
  2. Can one take a cafeteria approach to science and religion? Cafeteria
  3. Is there a conspiracy among scientists? Conspiracy
  4. Are there controversies among scientists? Controversies
  5. Has Richard Dawkins, in The God Delusion, disproved religion? Dawkins
  6. Is modern society in decline? Decline
  7. Is science or religion to blame for the decline of modern society? Decline-blame
  8. Does modern science negate human free agency? Determinism
  9. Is Stephen Hawking correct that modern physics removes the need for religion? Hawking
  10. Have science and religion have always been at war? History
  11. Is methodological naturalism presumed in modern science? Methodological naturalism
  12. Does modern science undermine morality? Morality
  13. What are the standards for peer-reviewed scholarship? Peer review
  14. Is modern science socially constructed and forever tentative? Postmodern
  15. What is the idea of progress? Progress
  16. Is scientific progress real? Progress-science
  17. Do those with non-theistic worldviews reject pseudoscience such as astrology? Pseudoscience
  18. Is there a royal road to science and religion? Royal road
  19. What is scientific materialism? Scientific materialism
  20. Is science based on secular humanism? Secular humanism
  21. Is society becoming more violent? Violence
  22. What is science? What is science?