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Index to main SMR articles

Updated 17 April 2023

Summary essay

  1. The search for harmony: A summary essay: Harmony

Evolution, age of the Earth, creationism and intelligent design

  1. Does creationism pose a challenge for geology and evolution?: Creationism
  2. Have species been individually designed?: Design
  3. What does DNA reveal about evolution?: DNA
  4. Can an evolutionary program generate English text?: English text
  5. What is the evidence for evolution?: Evolution-evidence
  6. What do fossils say about evolution?: Fossils
  7. Does intelligent design pose a challenge for evolution?: Intelligent design
  8. What do scientists understand about the origin of life?: Origin
  9. Are there missing links between ancient primates and modern humans?: Prehuman fossils
  10. Do probability arguments refute evolution?: Probability
  11. How reliable is radiocarbon dating?: Radiocarbon dating
  12. How does radiometric dating work?: Radiometric dating
  13. How reliable is geologic dating?: Reliability
  14. How many scientists question evolution?: Scientists-evolution

Philosophy, postmodernism and progress

  1. What does the new atheist literature say about science and religion?: Atheists
  2. Is modern society in decline?: Decline
  3. Have science and religion always been at war?: History
  4. Is modern science socially constructed and forever tentative?: Postmodern
  5. How has the idea of progress shaped modern society?: Progress
  6. Is scientific progress real?: Progress-science

Physics, astronomy, anthropic principle, Fermi’s paradox, multiverse and fine tuning

  1. What is the anthropic principle of cosmology?: Anthropic principle
  2. How solid is the evidence for the big bang?: Big bang
  3. How are distances to the stars and galaxies calculated?: Distance
  4. Where are the extraterrestrial civilizations? (Fermi’s paradox): Fermi’s paradox
  5. Is the universe fine-tuned for intelligent life?: Fine-tuned
  6. What is the inflationary theory of cosmology?: Inflation
  7. What is the multiverse, and what is its significance?: Multiverse

Theology, biblical scholarship and Noah’s flood

  1. Is the Bible supported by modern archaeology?: Bible archaeology
  2. Can biblical chronology be used to date creation?: Bible chronology
  3. What was the ancient biblical cosmology?: Bible cosmology
  4. Is the Bible inerrant?: Bible-inerrant
  5. Is God a Great Deceiver? The central fallacy of creationist theology: Deceiver
  6. Does modern science repudiate miracles?: Miracles
  7. Are natural laws in conflict with Judeo-Christian theism?: Natural law
  8. Are Noah’s ark and flood literal scientific facts?: Noah’s flood


  1. Bibliography with all references cited in the above articles: Bibliography

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