Q&A: Theology and Philosophy

David H. Bailey
03 Jun 2014 (c) 2014

This section lists numerous questions in the area of theology, philosophy and related topics, and then presents answers based on best available scholarship. This material was assembled by the editor, except where otherwise indicated. Each page linked to below includes detailed references.

  1. What are the theological advantages to an evolutionary worldview? Advantages
  2. How should one view the "new atheist" literature? Atheists
  3. Are there benefits to religious belief and participation? Benefits
  4. Is the Bible supported by modern archaeology? Bible-archaeology
  5. Does the Bible allow for creation via an evolutionary process? Bible-creation
  6. Is the Bible inerrant? Bible-inerrant
  7. Can the Bible be read as a scientific textbook? Bible-science
  8. Is the big bang cosmology in conflict with Judeo-Christian theology? Big bang theology
  9. Can we take a 'cafeteria' approach to science and religion? Cafeteria
  10. Is there a conspiracy among scientists? Conspiracy
  11. Are there controversies among scientists? Controversies
  12. Is the scientific picture of creation in conflict with the Judeo-Christian Bible? Creation
  13. How do other scholars view Richard Dawkins' recent book The God Delusion? Dawkins
  14. Is God a Great Deceiver? Deceiver
  15. Is modern society in sharp decline? Decline
  16. Is science or religion to blame for the decline of modern society? Decline-blame
  17. Does modern science lead to a mechanistic, deterministic worldview that negates human free agency? Determinism
  18. Is the "red in tooth and claw" natural world consistent with Judeo-Christian theism? Elevating
  19. Is there a theology of evolution? Evolution-theology
  20. Can the existence of God be established by scientific experimentation? Is God a scientific hypothesis? God hypothesis
  21. Can (or should) God be found in the gaps of scientific knowledge? God of the gaps
  22. Is it true, as Stephen Hawking and others have claimed, that modern physics removes the need to believe in God? Hawking.
  23. What is the history of the war between science and religion? History.
  24. Is "methodological naturalism" presumed in modern science? Methodological naturalism
  25. Does modern science repudiate miracles? Miracles
  26. Does modern science undermine morality? Morality
  27. Is a universe governed by comprehensible natural laws in conflict with Judeo-Christian theism? Natural law
  28. What are the standards for peer-reviewed scholarship? Peer review
  29. Is modern science is "socially constructed" and "forever tentative"? Postmodern
  30. What is the "idea of progress" and how does it relate to harmony between science and religion? Progress
  31. Will religion just fade away? Religion fade away
  32. What do major religious leaders and denominations say about the "war" between science and religion? Religions
  33. Is there a "royal road" to science and religion? Royal road
  34. Does science have all the answers? Science answers
  35. What is "scientific materialism" and how does it enter into the science-religion discussion? Scientific materialism
  36. What do leading scientists and scientific societies say about the "war" between science and religion? Scientists
  37. What do major theologians say about the "war" between science and religion? Theologians.
  38. In spite of all its scientific and technological progress, isn't society becoming more and more violent? Violence.
  39. What is science? What is science?