Q&A: Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology and Computer Science

David H. Bailey
9 Apr 2017 (c) 2017

This section lists numerous questions in the area of physics, astronomy, cosmology and related topics, and then presents answers based on best available scholarship. This material was assembled by the editor, except where otherwise indicated. Each page linked to below includes detailed references.

  1. What is the anthropic principle of cosmology? Anthropic principle
  2. How solid is the evidence for the big bang? Big bang
  3. Can computers think? Computers-think
  4. What are the ultimate constituents of the universe? Constituents
  5. Is the universe fine-tuned for intelligent life? Cosmic coincidences
  6. What is the cosmological constant paradox? Cosmological constant
  7. How far away are the stars and galaxies? How are these distances calculated? Distance
  8. Where are the extraterrestrial civilizations? Fermi's paradox
  9. What is the inflationary theory of cosmology? Inflation
  10. Why does the universe harbor intelligent life? Intelligent life
  11. What is the multiverse, and what is its significance? Multiverse
  12. Did the universe have a beginning? Universe-beginning